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The birth of Emotions-Galore 

There are countless reasons to start a blog, and as I am writing this I’m struggling to find mine. I mean I have always enjoyed writing, but it has been more of an escape than a hobby. In addition, I rarely write about my “normal” daily activities, and usually only write when something causes my emotions to spin out of control. Like so many other people, my childhood consisted of chaos and instability, and as a consequence I have become overly sensitive to everything. 

No matter how much I share or open up.… Never am I able to understand my own emotions to the level I do when I write. And I don’t wanna do it hidden in my room anymore. Locking the words I’ve written in closets and boxes. No matter what I do or how I look at it, the thoughts and feelings I write down are a part of me. A part of my journey. And I’m tired of feeling ashamed, when I am certain there are plenty of people feeling different variants of the same emotions as me. 

So I’m not gonna do it anymore!
Anyone and everyone can read exactly what I’m going through, the good and the bad, the whole story. And for those who are hurting, maybe reading some of the things I write will be as therapeutic to you as it was for me when writing it. 

So yeah…. I guess those are my reasons.  


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