After your inappropriate touch, the scars left on my body have tormented me for a lifetime. The thought of someone forcing themselves inside is earth-shattering in every form. You no longer have any power. You can be pushed down. Forced quiet. Beaten. Taken. What makes it even more unbearable is the memories of noises andContinue reading “Flashbacks”

The truth will set you free

What a bullshit statement. It’s more like the truth will have you alienated and isolated. The truth will give harm to the victim yet never the perpetrator. The truth is supposed to make you feel grand but in reality, it makes you feel small. Telling the truth was once a quality admired by most, nowContinue reading “The truth will set you free”

Unfamiliar Feeling

24. 05. 2021  I don’t know what I’m feeling today. I’ve been in this city for 10 days now. I imagined a freeing feeling walking down the streets. Yet, every time that feeling kicks in, another wave of emotion takes over. An unfamiliar one. It’s as if the feelings I was avoiding in Oslo somehowContinue reading “Unfamiliar Feeling”


Twice I thought I had lost it,So far gone the dreams I once held higher than life were unrecognizable to me.Isolation had become my home.Therefore, my choice to flee to it when things got difficult made sense.I became too comfortable in my own misery.It’s tortuous ways were more familiar than the kindness I was trulyContinue reading “TWICE”