The devil wears fake Prada

Part three

My mom had allowed me to visit the internet cafe so I could talk to my friends. She had given me enough money for exactly one hour. “Use it wisely,” she said to me before sending me off. I didn’t like walking around without my mother, I guess that was mostly because I was terrified of being attacked by a group of men again. The internet cafe was inside something that looked like a deserted small mall. I think it was a ruin from the war. You had to walk inside then down a floor to get to the cafe. Just when I was about to walk in, I saw a monkey. Monkeys run free in Hargeisa so it wasn’t that unusual, however, you are not supposed to get close to them as they can be dangerous. So I didn’t dare to walk in. all of a sudden there were three monkeys and a woman came out and threw a banana that all three monkeys ran after. I saw my window and ran inside while they chased the banana. The first person I contacted after logging into Facebook was my closest friend in Oslo. Her mom had helped me the first time I wanted to run away from my home. So I didn’t need to explain much before she started helping. She contacted the police and I contacted child protective services. Telling them my mum had hidden my passport and refused to let me leave, and that I had to get out cause I was scared. They told me they couldn’t do anything. I contacted the people from my group home and they said the same. Literally, no one could help me. I felt like I had been given a death sentence. 

My one hour had run out, and I was out of ideas. On my way home I began thinking about how much easier my life would be if I was an adult. I could just book a ticket, find my passport, and get out. After some days, I decided that I was an adult and the next day I went to the internet cafe, bringing my mother’s credit card this time. I bought a ticket from Hargeisa to Dubai, then from Dubai to Wien, then from there to Oslo. The flight was scheduled to leave the very next day. Thankfully, my great grandma’s house didn’t leave my mum many options but to hide our passports in her room. The place was always crowded, and my mom has far too many trust issues to hide it anywhere else. So after spending all my free time searching in her room I finally found it and booked the tickets the same day. The next morning I told my mom I was going to the cafe, but found a ride to the airport instead. No one asked any questions as to why I was there alone. I just boarded the plane and actually got a seat this time. 

When I arrived in Dubai, I noticed an error I had made. The tickets I booked to Wien were the next day, meaning I would have to stay in Dubai one night. I panicked, and after an hour I borrowed a phone and called my mom. She was in a panic when she picked up, as she had noticed I didn’t return from the cafe. After she was done yelling she told me to take a cab to an address she had given me. And a Somalian woman took out cash at an atm for me that my mother had transferred. I spent the night at a luxurious house with a family I had never met before. They fed me dinner, and I watched some Arabic soap operas before going to bed. The next day they drove me to the airport and I made my way back to Oslo. I landed at Gardermoen airport with a smile on my face and my mother’s fake Prada bag which I had stolen on my arm. 

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